Pest and Disease Control

Agriculture - Veterinary - Public Health - Home

The active substances in our products are manufactured in-house, thus guaranteeing maximum purity degree consistent with European Union regulations and FAO specifications.

We are proud to showcase our range of Raticides, Fungicides, Insecticides and Pheromone Traps, all of which serve both Agriculture and Public Health needs.



First- and second-generation anticoagulants to control rodents in agricultural, urban and home environments.


Post harvest fruit - Disinfection establishments - Greenhouses. Control of fungus causing rot in fruits, potatoes, ornamentals and seeds.


Controls adults, larvae and moths. Used in agriculture, public health, and homes.


Fights all types of snails and slugs - Action by contact and ingestion.


Diptera - Lepidoptera - Sexual Attraction - Aggregation - Dispersion


Treatment and disinfection of livestock, poultry facilities and refrigerated trucks.


Development and manufacture active ingredients for veterinary industries.