Treatment and disinfection of livestock, poultry facilities and refrigerated trucks.

Livestock farms, poultry farms, cages, rabbit breeding facilities, incubators, and other breeding centers are prone to the presence of pathogens such as Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Microsporum Trichophytum.

We offer a range of enilconazole-based products to fight those infections and help you keep your facilities in the best conditions.



Fungicidal Emulsifiable Concentrate.
For treatment and disinfection of livestock and poultry farms.

NEOZIL® 15 EC is an emulsifiable concentrate used to disinfect and control fungi in livestock facilities such as barns, stables, cages, rabbit-breeding farms, incubators, egg processers, animal transportation trucks, and the like. Once diluted, it is used by nebulization or sprayed on walls, floors, straw beds, machinery, tools, etc. It can also be applied directly on the eggs without their viability being affected. 

Imazalil (Enilconazole) as an active substance is active against a wide range of dermatophyte pathogen fungi (tineas) and yeasts, such as Aspergilius sp., Penicillium sp., Trichophyton sp. and Microsporum sp. It also has a proven activity against Gram (+) bacilli and cocci. 


Bottles, 1 L.

12-unit Packs.

Other packaging options available upon demand.


Fungicidal Smoke Candle
For treatment and disinfection of livestock and poultry facilities

NEOZIL® 15 FU is a smoke candle pot used for the disinfection and fungal control of livestock and poultry facilities, such as barns, sheds, rabbit-breeding facilities, incubators, egg processors and the like.

Its active substance Imazalil (Enilconazole) is effective against a wide range of pathogenic fungi, dermatophytes (tineas) and yeasts, such as Aspergilius sp., Penicillium sp., Trichophytum sp. y Microsporum sp. It has also proven to be effective against Gram (+) bacilli and cocci.

NEOZIL® 15 FU, once lit, will generate a white smoke for about 30 seconds, thus dispersing its active substance in the environment. It is ideal to disinfect hard-access corners and other places where moistening is not advisable.


Cases containing 6 pots (35 grams each)

Other packaging options available upon demand.