Post harvest fruit - Disinfection establishments - Greenhouses. Control of fungus causing rot in fruits, potatoes, ornamentals and seeds.

Fungi are the main agents of fruit decay in cold storage rooms. Main culprits are Penicllium, Alternaria, Fusarium, Gloeosporium and Botrytis cinerea.


They are usually applied by themselves or mixed with waxes right after harvest, and before storage in a cold room.


There are several treatment methods, the most common being Drenching, Spray and Immersion.



Broad spectrum preventive fungicide, with special activity on foliar diseases produced by endoparasitic fungi in all types of crops. It has a side effect on mites and also acts as a bacteriostatic.


Systemic Fungicide, controlling a wide range of fungi on fruits, vegetables, cucurbitaceae, potatoes, cereal, and ornamental plants. Especially active against benzimidazole-resistant strains.


Systemic benzimidazole with a preventative and curative fungicidal activity by contact, with a wide range of action. Used on citrus fruit, and in combination with imazalil for citrus fruit, apples and pears.


Anilinopyrimidine with preventative and curative, systemic, translaminar fungicidal activities. It can be used for the specific control of Botrytis on eggplant, strawberry, green beans, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, tomato, grapevine, citrus fruit and seed fruit crops.