Insecticide to control larvae and moths. It interferes with chitin metabolism in caterpillars and other larvae, which prevents moulting, then and causing death of affected larvae and pupae, and preventing eggs from hatching.


A derivative from benzyl-phenyl urea
Common Name: Diflubenzuron
IUPAC: N-[(4-Chlorophenyl)carbamoyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide

CAS Number: 35367-38-5



Diflubenzuron is an insecticide interfering with chitin metabolism of caterpillars and other larvae, which prevents moulting, thus causing death of affected larvae and pupa, and which also prevents egg hatching.
The most widely accepted hypothesis about its action mechanism is chitin synthesis inhibition due to blocked membrane transport of chitin precursors.
Effective against larvae mainly by ingestion and, to a lesser degree, also by contact. Likewise, it has ovicide effects after direct treatment on eggs and application on females.



Active substance Diflubenzuron is used on formulation of environmental-use insecticides against lepidoptera, choleoptera and/or psylla such as Anthonomous grandis, Anticarsia gemmatalis, Cydia pomonella, Epilachna varivestis, Leucoma salicis, Leucoptera spp., Lymantria dispar, Lyonetia spp., Pieris brassicae, Spodoptera spp., Thaumetopoea pityicampa.
It also acts against larvae from roaches, flies, mosquitoes and grasshoppers on crops of cotton, ornamental trees, mushroom, black poplars, citrus fruit trees, holm oak and other Quercus, uncultivated land, deciduous fruit trees, horticultural gardens, walnut trees, pastures, pine forests and soybean, as well as on pools, sheds, dunghills and marshes.
Common formulation concentrations vary from 0.08% to even up to 45%, depending on the targeted infestation.

Diflubenzuron is non-toxic for earthworms and relatively low-toxic for bees and other beneficial arthropodes.




Technical-Grade Diflubenzuron

Technical-grade active ingredient for the formulation of insecticides in concentrate suspension, wettable powder or tablets.


Drum, 50 Kg.

Other packaging options available upon demand.




Diflubenzuron 48% SC (Flow)

Active substance of technical grade for the formulation of insecticides in concentrated suspension, wettable powder or tablets.

AGROCIDE 48% is a larvicide (IGR) INSECT GROWTH REGULATOR, acting by ingestion on larval stages of fly species in farm environments. It is defined by a powerful lethal effect on insect eggs, larvae and pupas, as it prevents chitin formation (of which insect exoskeletons are made). It causes death of the affected larvae and pupas, and prevents egg hatching.



Larva control in premises and facilities of poultry and livestock farms, kennels, zoos and other animal enclosures.

Mosquito larvae control in water drains, ornamental fountains, waste water pipes, ponds, keys, pools and flat water, where insects lay their eggs.



Drum, 50 Kg.

Jerrican, 30 kg.

Bottles, 1 L.

Other packaging options available upon demand.