Diptera - Lepidoptera - Sexual Attraction - Aggregation - Dispersion

Pheromones are chemical signals constituting the main means of communication among arthropods, especially insects. Pheromones are released for sexual attraction, aggregation, alarm, dispersion, defense, etc.

Some of these pheromones, primarily sexual ones, are useful for pest control. Today they are known to be an effective control method, either for accurate monitoring, or for direct control of insect populations by mass trapping or sexual confusion.

In the past few years, use of pheromones has proven highly effective in controlling certain insect populations, besides having other advantages such as being safe towards humans, wildlife and ecosystems. Compared to other conventional insecticides, pheromones have a higher specificity and an environmentally-friendlier waste.

For all these reasons, Laboratorios Agrochem S.L. has recently become involved in the production of pheromone-based insecticides. We know that a high-quality synthetic active ingredient matching all your specifications is the key to achieving the desired effects.  


Anarsia lineatella - Peach Tree Borer

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Gelechiidae

Cydia pomonella - Codling Moth

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Tortricidae

Cydia funebrana - Plum Fruit Moth

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Tortricidae

Dacus oleae - Olive Fruit Fly

Order: Diptera Family: Tephritidae

Euzophera pinguis - Tabby Knot-Horn

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Pyralidae

Grapholita molesta - Oriental Fruit Moth

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Torticidae

Gortyna xanthenes - Artichoke Moth

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Noctuidae

Lobesia botrana - European Grapevine Moth

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Torticidae

Prays Citri - Citrus Young Fruit Borer

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Yponomeutidae

Rhynchophorus Ferrugineus - Red Palm Weevil

Order: Coleoptera Family: Curculionidae

Rhynchophorus Palmarum- South American Palm Weevil

Order: Coleoptera Family: Curculionidae

Tuta absoluta - Tomato Leafminer

Order: Lepidoptera Family: Gelechidae